Cream Cheese and I: A love affair

I never really liked cream cheese on anything but bagels.  It was good as a base for dips, but other than that, I just didn’t have anything else to eat it with.  Bagels were my staple.

In high school I was introduced to dipping hot Cheetos in cream cheese.  At first I was opposed to it in every way, but after trying it, I was obsessed.

The next unexpected cream cheese food I tried was a Philadelphia roll.  I love sushi, but I was weary about combining it with cream cheese.  Cheese in general doesn’t go with sushi…cream cheese?  A friend of mine convinced me and now it is one of my favorites.

After having a deep fried Philadelphia roll, I decided my aversion to cream cheese in hot foods was unprecedented.  I started adding it to the meals I cooked, substituting nonfat cream cheese for whatever cheese was called for.  It worked really well.  I stuffed chicken breasts with a seasoned cream cheese mixture, breaded them, and baked.  I used cream cheese instead of cream for a couple of my recipes, resulting in a thicker sauce.

I severely underestimated cream cheese, which I think a lot of us do with one food or another.  Cream cheese is for bagels.  Not anymore.  I guess the whole point of this post is you shouldn’t take something and define it.  Don’t be afraid to experiment or do something unexpected, be it with food or anything else.


Why I go to bars…

All of my close friends are finally over 21, yet we rarely go out to bars. There are a few reasons, some of which are my own personal problems with taking these people out and others are their own personal problems, which I will now spread all over the internet. I’m going to go ahead and leave names out, even though they’ll know I’m bitching about them if they ever read this (which I *highly* doubt they will). Let’s start with a quick list of why I enjoy going to bars:

  1. drinking
  2. social
  3. drinking
  4. its public property, versus someone’s house where you have to worry about being courteous and things like spilling
  5. alcohol never runs out
  6. drinking

The only real cons I see are the cost and the possibility of having to cab it home (versus a DD, which doesn’t always work out).

Here’s a quick breakdown of the 3 main reasons why my friends don’t like going to bars with me or just aren’t invited:

1.  A couple of my friends don’t understand that just because we are drinking, it doesn’t mean you have to get WASTED.  Sure, drink away, but know your limits.  I definitely drink WAY too much sometimes (my birthday being a PERFECT example), but even though I get drunk, I;m not obnoxiously hammered to the point of needing a babysitter.  Things my friends have done because they are too drunk to be in public include:

    • drinking from random drinks strangers have – just because it’s there and not empty, doesn’t mean you can take sips
    • sleeping at the bar – go sleep in the car, don’t get kicked out because you drank yourself into a coma
    • pissing yourself – enough said
    • knocking over tables/barstools/people/drinks – walking disaster
    • whining about wanting food…to everyone – no food here, pretty sure those people don’t care how hungry you are
    • eating other people’s food – just because the bar serves food, doesn’t mean you can sit with strangers and eat their food

Bottom line is-dont do anything that can cause a fight or would be grounds for us to            get kicked out, and I’m a happy camper.  Control yourself.  You’ve been drinking since high school, learn your limits.  We are in a public place and you “just having fun” is ruining the night not just for the rest of us, but also other patrons.

2.  Complaining about the cost is one of my friend’s favorite things to do.  I understand drinking at home is cheaper and we can get shit faced there,  but the point of going to a bar is to meet new people, socialize, and have fun in a group setting versus four of us getting drink at someone’s house.  I try my hardest to pick places without a cover and usually theres some sort of $2 beer.  It really isn’t all that expensive.  Every one of my friends works, and they all can actually afford it, they’re just too cheap.  So, upon being invited, the “I’m broke” excuse usually surfaces and they end up staying home.

3.  I go to bars for the social aspect of it.  I am a girl.  Men will hit on me.  It happens.  People will talk to me.  Not all of the people who talk to me want to sleep with me, and I understand that.  One of my friends had a very protective girlfriend and ANY time ANYONE approaches her girlfriend, she loses it.  As the night continues, she gets progressively more drunk and more people approach her girlfriend, which pisses her off more.  Her girlfriend always explains she has a girlfriend, but can’t help that people approach her.  It’s part of the atmosphere; it comes  with the territory.  Instead of sulking in the corner and getting mad at your girlfriend (who is not at fault in any way), maybe you should socialize as well.  Instead of assuming every person who goes up to your girlfriend is trying to hit on her, talk to them like she does.  It will be obvious you two are together, problem solved.  But no, this always escalates into a fight between the two of them.  You live together.  Do you really think she is going to take someone else home or leave with someone else? I *HIGHLY* doubt that.  The last bar we went to, the argument happened early in the night and she ended up walking home while we stayed and enjoyed our night.  Talk about a buzzkill.


I got to bars to be social.  Sure, it can get expensive, but we’re all here to have a good time.  Get a little drunk, not hammered, and socialize.  Maybe we’ll meet new people to kick it with.  That’s why I go out.  Not to get wasted or spend all my money or fight over stupid things.



I love food.  No, you don’t understand.  I can eat.  All of my friends share this same sentiment.  We even say we are “getting our FP on”, with “FP” standing for “fat pride”.  But there is a difference between eating and overeating.  To overindulge is something we all might have done on occasion.  Ever squeezed in dessert when you knew you were stuffed?  What about people who eat to the point that they cannot walk?  That is an example of gluttony.  Want to be utterly disgusted?  Check out this woman.  She wants, that’s right, she WANTS to hit 1,000 pounds.  Gluttony.  BUT gluttony is not only food related.  Some people (we like to call these people “attention-whores”) thrive on attention and being the center of the spotlight.  Some people thrive on fame and will do anything to obtain it.  Ever heard the phrase “glutton for punishment”?  Gluttony, though usually linked to food and over eating, is not only about food.

In my intro post concerning Greed, I stated that what fascinates me about the Seven Deadly Sins is that everyone can or has committed them without even thinking about it.  Large technology companies like Apple get a lot of their revenue for technology gluttons.  People who already have an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, but need the newest version.  They need the best.  They overindulge in technology. Gluttony.

How many of you are gamers?  How many of you spend money you could be spending on clothes or food on your online gaming subscriptions?  How many of you have been to midnight game releases?  How many of you have ignored friends or family because you were gaming?  Gluttony.

What about people who shop themselves into mountainous credit card debt?  Gluttony.

What about workaholics?

What about animal hoarders?

What about people who take vacations every month?

All addicts are guilty of gluttony.  Whether its cigarettes, alcohol, anything.

Gluttony is, simply put, overindulgence in ANYTHING, and if you broaden the definition to include everything that you can “overdose” on, we are all gluttons in some way, shape, or form.  Gluttony leads to waste.  People’s lives are wasted because they over eat.  Money is wasted on products we don’t actually need, but want.  Time is wasted searching for the spotlight.  Try your best to live within your means.  This post relates to the one about greed.  We become gluttons because we are greedy, because we want and can have more.  Maybe if we stopped overindulging, we wouldn’t be as greedy, and the world would be a better place.  Dream big.  =P